Interested in selling Beastmen

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Interested in selling Beastmen

Post  Trevor Y. on Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:57 pm

After thinking about it, I am more interested in starting Lizardmen or Tomb Kings, than Beastmen, and sadly I have a lot of Beastmen still in Blisters and shrink wrapped boxes, unopened!

Here is what I have, and I am willing to sell it off piecemeal. Make an offer if interested. Willing to trade for unopened or unpainted TK or Lizard stuff...

1 box Chaos Beastmen Regiment (12 Gors, 8 Ungor) Plastic. Still in original shrink wrap.
2 boxes Chaos Beastmen Chariots, still in original shrink wrap
5 Minotaurs (2 of which are two handed weapon), metal new in blisters
1 Minotaur Standard Bearer, metal new in blister
1 Beastlord, metal new in blister
1 Khazrakh the one Eye, metal new in blister
1 Khornegor Champion, metal new in blister
1 Khornegor Musician, metal new in blister
1 box Chaos Centigor (5 models), metal
1 box of Chaos Khornegors (10 in box), metal
Trevor Y.

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