Lizardmen Army!

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Lizardmen Army!

Post  Nathan.A. on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:33 pm

Hey guys, I have decided to part with my lizardmen army.
The lot looks like this:

Slann- Fully painted, looks fantastic.
EotG- stegadon fully painted, crew unattached unpainted.
Ancient Stegadon- Steg fully painted, crew unattached unpainted.
Saurus x30- fully painted, shields unattached.
Temple guard x30 - 26 Fully painted, 4 primed black.
Saurus x 26 - Unpainted, assembled.
Skinks x24 - Unpainted, assembled javs and shield.
Salamander x2 - Salies painted, skinks primed black.
Cold one riders x16 - Unpainted, 8 assembled 8 half assembled.

Retail on the lot is over 500, asking 350.

Will Paint the rest of the models, MINUS the cold one riders, for a fully painted 2500 pt force for an extra 150.
Bringing it to 500 total. If you are interested let me know, In a couple weeks it will hit Ebay!

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