diffrent game senarios

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diffrent game senarios

Post  Kuyp on Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:40 pm

I would like to know what everyone thinks about some of the different game scenarios that are in back of the book. I like how they made 5 more game types other than just the standard pitched battle but after a few games now i feel as if i want even more variation to the games than what there already is. Andre and i played one game here today that was a lot of fun, very random and way more exciting then just pushing guys toward the center of the table to fight. basically the table is separated into 6 sections, players roll off for deployment and then taking turns they get to place one unit in a zone until you have placed 3 units, then you get a chance to place 3 characters in the same deployment zones after that the rest of your army comes on following the rules for reserves from one of the 3 deployment zones you picked. but wait it gets better you don't get to pick which one they come in from, its randomly determined when you want to bring them on!

This game was a lot of fun and i wouldn't mind trying to add some of these game types to the basic ones we play and maybe take out a few (I know most people out there don't like the watchtower game as it is really one sided ). so what does everyone else think? is this something that people would be interested in.


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Re: diffrent game senarios

Post  Galadros on Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:57 pm

I've done them all, and most of them more than once. The traitors scenario is very cool, and even the unbalanced army point ones are good too. I'm pretty sure that scenario flexibility is presively the motivation for all the movement and terrain rule changes that camne along with 8th ed. If many of you aren't already taking advantage of 8th editions movement and terrain flexibility to vary yours games, get started.


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