Daemon Armies!

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Daemon Armies!

Post  ScottRadom on Tue May 27, 2008 8:32 pm

Well I got to play a couple battles both using the new army book myself and against an opponent also using demons.

As it was demon on demon a lot of the special attributes of the armies weren't used. Fear, Magical attacks, etc. really played no part in the battle. My army was an all Nurgel army led both times by a Great Unclean one as a Lvl 4 wizard, and then as a lvl 2 wizard. Both times i took a LvL 1 casting Battle Standard herald of Nurgle.

The army can make some really fun, flavorful armies. It can also make some absolutely horribly blasty, killy armies that no opponent will enjoy playing. Tzeentch magic is really, really painful to withstand. My opponent both times was Wade Robinson. His army included a really large (30?) unit of horrors with a herald of Tzeentch. A bound item banner and a bound nurgle gift on a herald of Nurgle made for an incredibly painful magic phase. Keep in mind I had a not unimpressive 5 dispel dice in my first game and I really couldn't stopr or hope to have any control against Wade's magic phase. While I usually don't care about magic missile spells (usually there's way more dangerous spells to watch for!) some of the Tzeentch magic spells are ridiculous. Wade's first spell took 5 wounds of my Great unclean one. That's a T6 model with a 5+ ward save and regeneration. Yikes. Don't expect your inner circle knights to laugh off these missile spells kids!

And all this magic was being accomplished by a mixed chaos army. I do noit look forward to feeling the burn from an all Tzeentch themed army (I hate you Stash!).

Plague bearers are still pretty tough. The 5+ ward save and regeneration (If you're herald is in the unit!) are cool, but man do I miss my WS4 and cloud of flies! You don't need regeneration if you're opponent can't even hit you! And PLague Bearers are now only initiative one. Yikes! Not really complaining, my boys did okay in combat.

Bloodletters are pretty decent. They do what you think they would do. Pretty good in combat but very fragile if you can hit them first.

Blood Crushers will knock your balls off. Wow are they tough. At 70 points I don't know who would take a plaguebeast of Nurgle for 100 points. Besides me. High move score means you can pick when you fight with them and I don't see many units surviving a charge from these guys, front or flank.

Flamers. Ugh. Why can't they slow these guys down or something. Man are they good. Only nice thing i can say is at least you can only take units of 6 large. Shoot these with everything until they are dead. I hate these things and I always will.

That's about all I can really say from my limited experience. After a little initial talk about the book I was afraid that this would be the next super army that might start dominating warhammer. I think those initial fears were absolutely 100% bang on the money. My opponent was using a big mixed bag of everything without concentrating on magic or move/combat and it was a tough game both times. And I didn't have to make psychology tests and I had a ward save etc.

In my second game I think i did a really good job of picking my targets, deploying and playing the game. It was a draw for most purposes, posssibly a minor victory for my opponent. My initial thoughts on fighting demons are...

-Don't charge unless you expect to win by 5CR or more. You really need to cripple the unit as you can expect to be fighting it for phases to come and you don't want to just match up your block of infantry angainst his. Hit it with a chariot, big tough guy or whatever with rank support and all the bells and whistles. This means you need to pass LD tests so keep your Lord near the ground you will be fighting over.

-A demon army can't be that big. Out deploy it, have a unit in every table quarter at the end of the game.

-Concentrate shooting. The biggest threats I played agaisnt were the flamers and the pink horrors. Flamers are skirmishers so try and Magic missile them maybe. Horrors are little bitches but likely have a 4+ ward save which frustrates things a little bit.

-The fast Khorne stuff is rock hard. I kept thinking of the fleshounds as the pathetic turds they were before this new book came out. Now they hit near as hard as chosen knights. Take these and the blood crushers absolutely serious. If you can't kill them try and using blocking units to slow them down. they're not frenzied any more but protect your flanks with small units and don't line them up for a big sweeping overrun and you should be okay.

-When playing an all Nurgle demon army just shake your opponents hand and walk away. Give him some cash too.

So the Daemon book is a very powerful book. I am unhappy with what you COULD do with these pages, but I am also quite pleased with the characterization you can now put into your army with custom building greater demons and heralds etc. I'd give it maybe a 6/10. For the record I give the Orc book a 10/10 ('cause it's perfect in game balance and fun factor!) and the Empire book a 4/10 (Weak and boring!).

Radom out!

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Re: Daemon Armies!

Post  Carson on Thu May 29, 2008 9:03 am

That pretty much sums up my first experience against the new demons. I also played Wade with his mixed army. It was not even a close game with my Orcs. Getting across the table to his army was extremely painful. I had 6 dispel dice and a scroll and by the time I came close to combat I had lost most of my combat potential. With the army I fielded, combat was where I was tooled up to shine in......Once there my units were either outclassed or promptly failed several key fear checks.
Out of all the new books I think the demons are way over the top. Look for them to dominate most events from here out.
My least favourite unit....flamers. Argh are they over powerful....they can even stand and shoot.

My only hope is that with the new trend in books the next incarnation of the dark elves should be really good! Twisted Evil

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