Paint on sale at Michaels this week!!!

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Paint on sale at Michaels this week!!!

Post  epengr on Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:20 pm

For those trying to do this hobby on the cheap like me, craft acrylics are a great way to go.

Michaels has their Craft Smart brand paints on sale 2/$1 this week if anyone's looking to add some colours or the entire spectrum like I just did. I had a bunch of ceramicoat and folkart craft paints but they were mostly 15 years old and took some work to get back to a usable consistency. When I saw this sale I decided to ditch them and start fresh:

Just $35 for almost every colour in their line (there were out of stock of a few). I'm ready to roll out that dwarf army now!

This sale's on till Friday


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