Cheap Vampire counts

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Cheap Vampire counts

Post  smackman on Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:41 pm

So I have a small force of vampires that I will never use that I would like to unload onto someone.

1 Conrad painted by Paz (so it's done well)
2 vampire countesses bare metal
30 skeleton warriors with sword and shield, a few of them have been primed
10 skeletons on sprue
8 gouls painted well
8 gouls on sprue
1 corpse cart on sprue
20 zombies nib
20 zombies half assembled
10 assembled grave guard primed with great weapons
5 black knights converted from bretonians
1 wight king with battle standard primed
Vampire counts codex

I'm looking for $150 for the lot, I don't feel like parting it out. Pm with me with an offer.


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