40K Imperial Guard

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40K Imperial Guard

Post  UnrealDisco on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:48 pm

Hello guys just gonna show you what my Guard army includes,

Company command squad

Colonel Creed
Sergeant Kell
4 Veterans (that includes Sergeant Kell
- 1 with a voxcaster
- 1 with a heavy flamer
- 1 with a medipack
- And Kell
Also have the option to attach regimental advisers with bodyguards

Platoon command squad

Platoon commander
4 guardsman
- 1 with a flamer
- 1 with a voxcaster

Now here's where i think i have made a mistake i added Commissar Yarrick to the squad don't particularly know if that was a good idea?

3 Squads of infantry

2 i use in a platoon
-Both squads have voxcaster's
-1 has a flamer
-1 has a grenade launcher

The 3rd squad i use as veterans
- This includes Gunnery sergeant Harker
- 3 special weapons, 2 snipers, and for fun, a grenade launcher
- And a voxcaster

Just finished 2 special weapons squads for the platoon
- One has a meltagun, plasma rifle, and grenade launcher
- The other has a flamer, grenade launcher, and a sniper

Last thing in the platoon is a heavy weapons squad with a lascannon, an autocannon, and a mortar

Now onto the Armour;

I have three Leman Russ'

- All have interchangeable battle cannons (have the option to switch for the vanquisher cannon)
- The sponsons and front weapon have interchangeable weapons too (heavy bolters, meltas, plasmas, and flamers and the front has the option of a lascannon and heavy flamer)
- 1 of the russ' has knight commander Pask

2 chimeras
-1 has a heavy stubber, multilaser, and heavy bolter
-The other has stormbolters, a heavy flamer, and another heavy bolter, plus a bulldozer ( basically for assault and up close fighting)

Lastly i have 1 Armoured sentinel

-smoke launchers

This is my army feedback would be nice and if anybody would like a game post a reply, Thankyou

Very Happy


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Re: 40K Imperial Guard

Post  Carson on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:29 pm

Hate to burst your bubble but this is primarily a Fantasy site for our club.

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Re: 40K Imperial Guard

Post  Derek on Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:23 am

Actually I think you 'Fragged' his bubble Smile

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Re: 40K Imperial Guard

Post  ScottRadom on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:32 pm

Check out this site....


It's our local 40K clubs page. They might be able to help!

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Re: 40K Imperial Guard

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