6500pts of madness

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6500pts of madness

Post  Kuyp on Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:57 pm

Andre and i decided to have a game the other day using all the models that we have in each of our armies. i had about 6700 pts of empire on the board and he had like 6500 pts. I did use lots of the special characters though as i was too lazy to make a list that size and give everyone equipment and what not. Andre was defending a castle with no special rules of any sort involved with it. we only got to turn 4 as Andre had to go but it was all sorts of crazy madness going on. the steam tank smashed in to some iron breakers and made them run away only to get charged by 6 slayer characters, that over the course of 7 rounds of combat managed to score 7 wounds on it while 3 of the 6 slayers died. karl franz was flying around eating war machines and "tough" dwarf characters for breakfast, Joesph bugman was holding out in small tower with lots of warriors and log beards running to join the fight. Andre's organ guns just wouldn't die from my fire so he blew them up himself. i took some pic of what the game looked like at the start of deployment.

when we counted it up it was a victory for me, if we had kept going it most likely would have only got better for me as most of my fus were in a good spot, even with my one flank falling apart.


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Re: 6500pts of madness

Post  Nathan.A. on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:44 pm

Look like fun, and man thats a lot of halberdiers.


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