Ironwoulf's Chaos Warriors vs Patchfur's Beastmen

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Ironwoulf's Chaos Warriors vs Patchfur's Beastmen

Post  Patchfur on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:11 pm

I finally played a game with the new rules - Rob kicked my ass (politely.) Pitched battle (first scenario).

I brought two units of 25 gors, two units of 10 ungors, two units of ungor raiders, two spawn, two units of 10 chaos hounds, a small unit of bestigors, a unit of 3 minotaurs, and a giant! The army was led by Khazrak the One Eye, and some wargors and a shaman.

Rob brought a huge unit of marauders, a unit of chaos warriors on foot with a sorceror and a lord on mounts, a chairiot, some hounds of his own, four dragon ogres, and some mounted marauders.

The table was chock full of hills, fences, and houses, with a monument in the center that granted additional channelling to wizards near it.

Of particular note during the game was the Purple Sun of Xereus, which did great slaughter to my army, but also the several miscasts his wizard in the chaos warrior unit caused while doing it, which killed most of his warrior unit. I'll deploy people who use that many magic dice out of my units after seeing that! He only caught up on points value when the vortex passed over the Giant, which ended it's career for good.

The beastmen army ambushed on the first turn and a big unit of gors charged the huge unit of marauders on turn two. The giant and minotaurs then caught them in the back. But it took a flank charge from a unit of ungors to finally break them! Those big units go down very hard, what with being steadfast if more ranks, and taking 10 models (two ranks) to take ranks now.

His chaos warriors took a lot of casualties, and lost the combat by one point a few times, but the killing power of the chaos lord came through and he, his dangerious wizard friend, and three buddies proceeded to gut the remaining beastmen. I ended the game with three gors, one minotaur, and a couple of chaos hounds wandering around sadly.

Note that chaos warriors are almost immune to the Purple Sun needing a 6 to fail, while gors and ungors, not so much needing a 4+ to fail. Nasty! Note to others: read the rules for magical vortexii in the main body of the magic rules in conjunction with the spell description. We were doing it wrong, but it would have made no difference in outcome.

Fun game as always, Rob. Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Ironwoulf's Chaos Warriors vs Patchfur's Beastmen

Post  squalie on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:48 pm

Good to see you back on the tables and if you're going to play anyone it should be Bob, he's a true gentlemen.

Sounds like a fun game at least and we also realised we were playing the vortex the wrong way around here.

Next time try units of 30 Gors (6X5) a big unit of Bestigors (they are finally worth taking) and if you're going to use Mino's don't bother with 3. Just take a bigger unit and be done with it.

Anyways, glad you had fun and here's the first of many...


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