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VC Stuff for sale

Post  Nathan.A. on Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:46 pm

Hey guys i have a little bit of VC stuff kicking around that I'd like to sell / trade.

Here are my haves:
10 skeletons assembled with spears unpainted.
Corpse cart assembled unpainted.
10 skeletons assembled primed black, with some basing done.
30 zombies assembled unpainted.
All the extra bits still on sprue will be included.

Here are my wants:
Cash $$.
But also almost anything from the Bretonnia Range, such as:
-Knights (mainly want these babies)
-Bowmen / men at arms
-Field trebuchet
-Damsel character model
-Grail Khights.

Let me know if you would like anything or if you want to trade, thanks, cheers.

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