New interested Player

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New interested Player

Post  Paroxysm on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:56 pm

Hey everyone.

I first was introduced, and hooked with the Warhammer world in Edmonton. I've spent a lot of time, and money in the West Edmonton games workshop. (Currently have large Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons and Orcs 40k armies, and then now an Empire and Dark Elves army, (since I'm selling my Orcs and Goblins to a relative). I'm not highly experienced out side of my own circle of players, which we've been reading the rules and playing. We're likely not 100% following them correctly, but have the basics down. Poison and I are interested in joining the league, but wouldn't mind a few matches to get upto speed completly on the rules.

I play to be semi competive. I love trying new things and trying new strategies. I'm not a huge fan of those uber cheap, exploit army builds, so I tend to play a more balanced list when I make them. Hope to see you all soon. As with Poison's post we are looking for a 2v2 match not this weekend as we are at the lake, but the following weekend.

Hope to talk to you all soon.


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Re: New interested Player

Post  Carson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:26 pm

Welcome aboard, we have a good group of guys here. Right now were ALL learning the 8th edition rules.

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