Orcs and goblins.

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Orcs and goblins.

Post  Nathan.A. on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:31 pm

Just some ramblings about orcs and goblins that i thought i would share after me and my buddy had a game on sunday, he is an O&G player, and for anyone who was wondering orcs got a lot better. Hordes have helped orcs tremendously as i found out when my horde of 30 ghouls got chopped to bits by a basic unit of orcs, after my opponent succeeded in casting bash'em lads, and letting the whole unit strike first and reroll hits. He got to make 31 attacks at str 4 ws 3 asf and rerolling missed hits, it was aweful. needless to say he annihilated my entire unit in 1 round of combat Sad . another important thing to add is the fact that that same unit rolled a 1 for animosity the same turn, but being led by a black orc big boss got to ignore it and take d6 wounds instead, which lets face it on a unit of 50 orcs who cares. Just though i would let everyone know that Orcs appear to be in good health in 8th edition, no more are the days of them losing by one to my skeles and auto breaking Sad , poor vamps are on the decline i fear, oh well, just thought i would ramble. Let me know what ya think.

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