Official Ravening Hordes Roster

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Official Ravening Hordes Roster

Post  epengr on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:17 am

Forum Name Real Name Current Armies Future Armies
Carson Carson Gallant Empire, Dark Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Warriors of Chaos, High Elves and Vampire Counts Skaven, Bretonnians, or Beastmen…?
ScottRandom Scott Radom Orcs & Goblins
Ironwoulf Rob Gonda Dark Elves, Chaos Mortals, Empire, Drawfs (and HE, VC, TK and Lizards)
squalie Don Matwe Beastmen, Daemons, High Elves Ogre Kingdoms
nathanr Nathan Rinholm Bretonnians, Wood Elves, Dwarfs High Elves
Mhael Andre Mercier Dwarfs, Ogres, Empire and Orcs & Goblins
kuyp Dominique Mercier Tomb kings, Empire and Ogres
TheWade Wade Robinson Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos
Freezingoon Zack Lizardmen
kleth Keegan Marsh Wissenland Empire
Grant Grant Corbett Orcs & Goblins
Rockn J Jeremy Spenst Bretonnians, Lizardmen and Dark Elves
epengr David Muir Lizardmen, Dark Elves Drawfs and Vampire Counts
Pud Darren Mathieu Bretonnians Orcs & Goblins, Lizardmen
Xolan Ryan Warriors of Chaos
Druchi Matt Dark Elves
Nicodemus ? Chaos Dwarfs
ice Robert Dark Elves
servantes Joel Dark Elves

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