non-GW Custom

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non-GW Custom

Post  epengr on Tue May 04, 2010 8:14 pm

Hello all,

I'm looking to get into WFB - I was into 40k a decade ago and started into WFB, but I was a broke student and I tried to do it on the cheap to play with friends (sadly, I'm STILL a student...).

Anyways, I thought I'd post some of my "custom" figs to see if any of them wouldn't be laughed off the table here... Some are BAD, I know, some are pretty good though. Pretty much everything needs some detailing and paint, so you'll have to use your imagination...

So, WISIWYG.. Waht do you see? What would I get Wink

Easy one first - would people generally be okay with pretending that short bowws are basically the same as blow pipes on skink skirmishers? I'm stuck with all old "Lizardmen of the Southlands":

These would be a lot of work, but a unit would look pretty good with paint.

Temple Gaurds:

I think these are awesome, and with paint they'd look good. Still old style Salimander, but... Razordon's new though!

I think the size is about right - not too bad? Stegadon:

Now I'm starting to scrap the bottom of the barrel, Teradons:

Worse yet? Kroxigors!:

Last, and certainly least, the Mage-Preist...

But seriously, I have a 5th ed Slann that I'll be modding to the new floaty palequin style, so feel free to laugh your butt of at this one Smile.

So? Would anyone allow any of these on their table? In the league?

I plan to slowly build a legit force, but since I've been a student for over a decade it will take time...


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Re: non-GW Custom

Post  ScottRadom on Tue May 04, 2010 8:47 pm


I'll be honest. I think the plastic toy things really, really detract from my personal enjoyment of the hobby. I am not super big on massive proxies and the like. I would...

-reccomend smaller size games while building a force
-Making VERY sure the opponent is okay with the proxies.

I do however have a place in my heart for the broke student bit. I'd probably let you slide on the sort of stipulation that as time went on the proxies were getting replaced with actual models. Would I play you with those mini's? Once, sure. Would I play the exact same proxies a couple weeks later? Nah.

NOTHING wrong with using those old models, and I do like the temple guard work you've done.

And now seeing as you PM'd me about Lizardman figs I want to be clear I am not just saying this to get you to buy those figs either! Honest!

So yeah I'd let you slide, so long as you sort were doing some kind of "gentlemans agreement" that the proxies were getting phased out. BUt I really don't play that much anymore, so my opinion counts for less than others around here. I DO like that you asked this question though!


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Re: non-GW Custom

Post  nathanr on Wed May 05, 2010 8:02 am

I think the ones that you have done real work with are fine. The Stegadon in particular shows that you didn't just go buy a triceratops toy, slap it on a base and say "done!" The temple guard are ok too. The others, especially the salamander and razordon don't really work for me. If you put some effort into painting them and did some conversion work (glue some spikes onto the razordon, make some cool bases etc) then I'd be more inclined to let them slide. The Kroxigors are just bad, sorry. If you are going to start somewhere buy some Kroxigors please! I'm not going to say anything about the mage-priest that you don't already know. I'd still play against you if you had that model in your army but I would make fun of you for it both to your face and behind your back!

As for the skinks with bows instead of blowpipes, that doesn't bother me at all, especially after seeing your javelin skink conversions. If the bows represent blowpipes and nothing else then its as easy as telling your opponent beforehand.

As for the painting overall, I'd recommend using some washes over the basecoat you have now. They don't have to be GW washes and I'm sure you can find something similar for cheaper but a dark green or brown wash will fill in creases and give your models a much deeper and more realistic look. Someone posted something about a product that you dip the models in after the basecoat that I think would work wonders with your models and be super quick and easy. I know that the few lizardman models that I have I painted with a similar approach look tons better than anything I did for years afterward.


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Re: non-GW Custom

Post  epengr on Wed May 05, 2010 11:03 am

Thanks for the feedback!

As I noted they ALL need some paint, even the stegadon. They are all WIPs. I had a salimandor that I painted, and it looked pretty good - but I couldn't find it. Spiking out the razordon's and interesting idea...

The Slann was a joke, really - and I would have to work out a way to laugh at me behind my own back before I could table him...

I've been offered some cheap temple guards, so even though I think I could make them work I'll probably be fielding the real thing.

I don't think I can really pull off the teradons - the one on the right was painted and it's still iffy...

I LOVE my Kroxigors! Well, the one on the right (the ant-eater looking one is weak). They're so horrible that they're awesome. I couldn't believe a $0.10 toy could be that good and general size/shape match Smile. Even with some paint, I don't think they'll cut it though... (But think of it, and army of 250 Kroxigor for the price of one...) Twisted Evil

I am proud of the stegadon, and I'd like to add some fluff and detail, paint the palanquin, base it properly and maybe try and do something to its face to make it look less... happy. I think it could be a playable model.


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Re: non-GW Custom

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