Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

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Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

Post  Carson on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:54 pm

I've been wanting to post up a full battle report with pics for some time now. I am in no way an entertaining writer but I'll do my best here. Ideally it would of involved two fully painted armies but as I had yet to face a Deamon army with my warriors I was keen to give them a go. On a bright note this has given me the incentive to concentrate more of my painting time on this army.

2200pts of pure Chaos Warriors

Chaos Lord with Runesword, deamonic mount, enchanted shield
exalted bsb with shield and warbanner
level 2 Sorcerer with book of secrets, power familiar, death magic

15 warriors with shields, full command
15 warriors with shields, full command
14 warriors with halberds and shields, banner of wrath, full command

9 chosen with greatweapons, shields, mark of nurgle, full command
5 chaos knights, full command


So, not an optomized list to fight a khorne deamon army but its a generic list that I've been toying with. Don will have to fill in his list for you, right Don?

Don won the roll for first turn and handed it off to me. My central warrior units held firm while my knights, chosen and lord swung up quickly in a strong flanking maneuver. Magic killed a couple of the Juggers and boosted up my sorcerer to 3 wounds via a steal soul spell....this proved to be huge as you'll see.......my warshrine blessed the chosen with an extra armour save.

Don responded quickly by charging my lord with a unit of flesh hounds....I had placed my lord up quite close to tempt him into the charge but I was actually hoping they would be short...... marching up the rest of his horde and blocking my knights with a unit of furies.
The Pic shows the results of the movement and combat from turn 1.....chaos lords rock!

Pic 2

My turn2 the knights charge the blocking furies and the rest of my force repositions for the upcoming deamon rush. Magic knocks another wound off of the lone jugger but the last spell is dispelled. In combat the knights wipe out the furies and overrun into the second furie unit, the lord finishes off the last flesh hound and looks hungrily for more deamon blood.

Don continues marching his horde forward and charges a warrior unit seen in pic 2 with a unit of flesh hounds and charges his lone jugger into the chosen unit. The flesh hounds bounce on the warriors armour and a knocked down to thre I believe. So far so good for me, then we go on too the jugger combat but there no worries from a single jugger right. Don proceeds to killing blow my wizard....who counts for three wounds, see above, and killing blows another 2 chosen with their awesome 1+ save. What? armour dosn't matter? are you sure? Anyway I lose combat to a single jugger, blow 2 break tests and run for the frozen wastes. The jugger dances or was it Don dancing with glee and then proceeds to run down the Chosen of the dark Gods....there goes my magic phase which up to this point was doing wonders.

Post turn bullshit, I mean turn2

Dons pose of triumph

Pic and turn3

We'll other than the chosen things were going good. I repositioned by leftward warrior units to await the upcoming charges, moved the knights, and rightward warriors for a combi charge on the deamons lurking behing the forest (Dons Generals unit), and moved my lord over to help the upcoming fight.

Don charges his fresh Jugger unit into a warrior unit and moves both deamon blocks up side by side giving me the option of which to charge.
The juggers bounces off the warriors tough armour and are knocked down to 1 model


I take awhile to decide on charges here. Both deamon blocks have heralds although one is a bsb on jugger. I decide to charge the none bsb block with the halberd armed warriors with bsb and my lord in the hopes that I can destroy them and overun out of charge arc. In hind sight I would of been better off letting him charge me. My warshrine blesses the halberd warriors in the hopes of an extra attack but simply gives them terror. Great, but no use against deamons. The warriors attacks kill a bucket load of blood letters but I still needed a few more kills to have a chance a wiping them in one go. So I was faced with a dilema. Should the lord attack rnf or go after the herald. Having already had my wizards head loped off I was scared of Dons ability to roll 6's for wounds but I really needed some more rnf kills. I finally opted to place 4 attacks on the herald and four on rnf. My lord did well and landed 3 wounds on the herald of which Don saved all 3...............and yes the herald then proceeded to lop the head off of my lord. Bullshit number2! On a positive note my combined charge of kngihts and warriors on his genrals unit did much death and destruction and sent those filthy deamon back to hell.....where they belong.

The pic shows the final results. The wounds from the lord helped the deamon unit stick around.

Don can't flank charge with his unit because of the warshrine but he gleefully charges his bsb jugger into the warriors side and the other vaunted jugger into the rear. Much carnage ensues with my bsb also getting killing blowed to complete the hat trick, althought a lucky warrior cut down the offending jugger in the rear of the unit. To make matters worse the depleted blood letters unit is below the strength of the jugger bsb so that meant I fled through my other warriors unit giving him a nice flank charge with his 2 hearlds and single blood letter. That was nice.

Turn 5
My knights thinking the battle is over don't move up for a charge........don't know what happened, I must of been in daydream mode as they would of had a nice flank charge on the other now naked blood letter unit. My warriors defy the odds and hold against the two herald attacks and even kill the last bloodletter.

turn 6
With nothing left to do I go for table quarters and try to move my warshrine out of the way....yeah right.

Don kills the warshrine with his now free bloddletter unit and kills the last of the warriors with his hearlds.....armour isn't that great against a fury of killing blow 6's

So we count up.....2188 for Don and 1912 for me. Great game fo sure, we'll played by Don.

Did I mention that I hate killing blow Very Happy

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Re: Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

Post  ScottRadom on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:42 pm


In "pic 2" if you look at the league trophy, is one guys name on there SIX TIMES! WOW!

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Re: Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

Post  squalie on Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:42 am

Scott, just to get this out of the way, that was the ultimate thread jack and will go down in history. You never fail to impress my friend. Now get playing, you ass.

My list: "KBK" aka, Killing blow Khorne. killing blow is awesome.

Herald on Jugger, Armour Khorne, Firestorm Blade (of course.)
16 strong Bloodletters, full command

Herald on Jugger, BSB, Ditto (of course.)
16 strong 'Letters full command

Herald, armour only, on foot.
17 'Letters full command
(Who takes minimum core? LOSERS!!!)

Furies X5
Furies X5
Fleshhounds X5
Fleshhounds X5
Crushers X3
Crushers X3

So, a couple things: I showed up with the Banner of Sundering and did absolute nada all day, for 4 games. I wanted to bring the Banner of Chaos Glory which would have been huge in all four games, cuz it's the cheesiest Banner of all time -- right Wade? I hate min Furies, and you might think it's weak sauce, but 5 Furies are a crotch itch at best. One unit of 7-8 does a lot more than 2 X 5. Killing blow is awesome. Everyone praises the Fleshhounds as the Saviour to Khorne, but in the dozen or so games I've had with this army, the Crushers generally do the damage....killing blow is awesome.

Turn 5
My knights thinking the battle is over don't move up for a charge........don't know what happened, I must of been in daydream mode as they would of had a nice flank charge on the other now naked blood letter unit. My warriors defy the odds and hold against the two herald attacks and even kill the last bloodletter.

In all honesty, this is the single most important moment in the game for Carson. No clue as to why he moved his Knights around the trees instead of charging my flank, but it helped me killing blow his army. Bob, who was watching, wanted to killing blow-punch Carson, bit since I was already landing enough killing blow's to Carson, Bob figured he wouldn't killing blow someone who had had enough of killing blow. Am I getting my point across about killing blow? It worked at LEAST once! tongue

It was a very fun game against an almost completely unpainted cool Chaos army. Maybe it'll be tougher when he puts paint on it....we'll see. Very Happy

I can certainly see a rematch on the horizon.

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Re: Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

Post  nathanr on Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:43 am

Cool, thanks for doing up that battle report Carson, we should definitely do more of those. It would be even more impressive if Carson had more of his army painted though! Well done on the win Don, I'll have to bust out the Bretonnians again and give you a re-match next time you're out.

Also Scott, you should stop living in the past. If you want to continue to claim to be the best you're going to have to actually throw some dice every now and then!

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Re: Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

Post  GobbladasSquig on Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:12 pm

Great report, I really enjoyed reading it! Served as a good break from my Twin Peaks marathon. Smile

Cool army Carson, shame you suffered so many killing low blows from the badly sunburnt daemons. I've been on the receiving end of KB so many times that nowadays I never take a lord or a BSB without KB-protection. KB is nasty. bounce


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Re: Warriors vs Deamons Battle Report

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