Another Orc & Gobbos list

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Another Orc & Gobbos list

Post  3s for luck on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:18 pm

After a bit of work I re-did my old list; came out with something completely different though. Still needs some work, but this should be close to what I'll be using.

Lv 4 Orc Great Shaman on foot w/
-Horn of Urgok

Lv 2 Orc Shaman on boar w/
-Nibblas 'Itty Ring
-Dispel Scroll

Lv 2 Goblin Shaman on wolf w/
-Staff of Sneaky Stealin'

LV 2 Goblin Shamn on wolf w/
-Staff of Baduumm
-x1 Magic Mushrooms

2x 20 Orc Boyz w/ add. choppa, musician, and banner

2x 5 Wolf Riders w/ shorts bows, spears, and musicians

20 Black Orcs w/ shields, musician, and banner

10 Boar Boyz w/ full command


VERY magic heavy and anti-magic. It has a total of 14 power dice (including bound items) up to a maximum of 17 with the waagh! magic special rules, and 10 dispel dice along with a scroll. Also the Staff of Sneaky Stealin' takes away one power dice from my opponent, and adds it to my dispel pool so I'll have 11 dispel dice. Twisted Evil I love that item.
Might re-do this list but if I do it'll be magic heavy as well.

3s for luck

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