The daemon project

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The daemon project

Post  Lord_Stash on Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:03 pm

*** note I have this on the 40k site too so I might update that one more than this one. Here is the link:

Well I am in the preliminary phase of overhauling my daemons especially since this is my first army. This time I will try to get lots of pics, especially since this project will go over a long period of time.

The list of things to do:

-need some beasts of nurgle, and need 1 more set of horror command
-possible purchase: 10 more daemonettes, each of the herald special characters, convert tzeentch special characters, convert 1 of each chariot (possibly out of card board and terrain putty)

-Magnetise all models for easy conversion to fantasy and 40k.


-finish the khorne army... do the weapons and armour as glowing red hot

-possibly airprush the slaanesh stuff with a pale (perhaps slightly purple) flesh tone

-touch up the nurgle stuff

-add some different colours to the horrors via airbrush: oranges and reds to the pink horrors, greens and yellows to the blues

-I plan to make a standard 5"x6" (5 models by 6 models wide) base for each of the rank and file units (lesser daemons) for fantasy. Also base and magnetise movement trays for units of beasts (fiends, beasts of nurgle, juggernaughts) for fantasy.

-Khorne will have a lava flow basing sceme using water efects and larger rocks and sand.

-slaneesh will have a pool of mercury basing effect if I can pull it off (probably using water effects)

-nurgle will have a decay effect using sand and terrain making putty, and green static grass around the edges (untainted ground)

-Tzeentch will have the disco dance floor for the horrors in fantasy and everything else (including the horrors 40k bases) will be...strange...(tzeentian mushrooms etc).

The model tally:
* almost everything needs painting/ finish painting
**I need 60 of each of the lesser daemons for the full 3 units of 20 required for fantasy)

4 greater daemons (2 to paint)

6 daemon princes (1 of each, 1 undivided and an extra tzeenchian)

1 of each herald on foot/ mountable on the chariots
60 blood letters

20 flesh hounds

5 blood crushers

60 horrors

22 flamers

60 (hopefully) daemonettes

10 seekers

3 fiends

20 Plague bearers

10 furries

Models I need to build/aquire

each of the herald special characters

1 of each chariot

4 beasts of nurgle

10 daemonettes (hence hopefully above)

one more set of Horror command if I can ever find one...


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