Results from Ogre Death March

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Results from Ogre Death March

Post  Kendric on Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:41 pm

This was a very interesting game as I tried out my melee vampire list instead of the usual magic one. The first turn things were looking bad for me when Andre shot my black knights (with my general in it) to pieces so only my vamp and black knight banner bearer were left. He also shot my blood knights and took two of them down. After the first turn things were starting to look better for me as my black knight + general got into combat killed a bunch of stuff, as well as my blood knights. Just when I thought I had the game, my vampire lord miscast with only two dice, then rolled snake eyes for the result. Now with the general gone all my units started to crumble and the tides were turning. The game ended up being a tie with only 4 points difference, because Konrad killed alot (anyone like ogre ground beef?) and my crypt ghouls just barley survived their crumble tests. All in all it was a fun match.

Tie with both side unpainted.

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