Best eBay desription ever...

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Best eBay desription ever...

Post  ScottRadom on Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:36 pm

Here's the greatest eBay description ever.....

Here are 5 well painted AoBR Nobz. They were painted in Goff clan colors and are on urban rubble bases. You are bidding on the actual models shown in the photos. They were painted to a high standard by finkrod, whose work has been discussed many times on the 40K Radio podcast. As you can see they've got weathering, battle damage, the whole nine yards. You know you're way too too busy to paint your own minis, so why bother? They are matte varnished and ready for the tabletop! Go ahead, make your friends gnash their teeth in frustration when these great looking Nobz kick the crap outta their marines. Then when they say "Hey, those are some nice looking models. Did you paint them?" you can look them straight in the eye and say "Why yes, yes I did." You've always wished your army looked as cool as that other guys army, you know the one. WELL NOW IT CAN!!! Why buy from a seller from God knows where. Who knows, they might even be using slave labor to get their products finished. Are they? Damned if I know, but wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing YOUR minis weren't painted by political prisoners or 7 year old children? I know I would. Plus who wants to wait for a shipment all the way from Siam or Shangri La. I'm right here in the U.S. where there is less chance of your package being stolen by bandits or hijacked by pirates along the way. DON'T GET ROPED IN BY FLASHY GRAPHICS AND STATIC GRASS! DON'T BE A CHUMP!!! SCIENCE HAS PROVEN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT WELL PAINTED MINIS LOOK BETTER THAN NON WELL PAINTED MINIS!!! EVERY MINUTE YOU DON"T OWN THESE IS ANOTHER MINUTE OF LESS AWESOMENESS!!!! Payment must be received within 7 days of the completion of the auction. I am currently only accepting payments via PayPal. The item will be shipped via USPS Priority mail within 3 days of payment. Sorry, but I am only shipping to the US at the moment. All sales are final

.....They sold for 5.50USD....

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