Jon from Saskatoon

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Jon from Saskatoon

Post  Jonny on Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:13 pm

Hi guys,
I moved to Saskatoon a couple of years ago now to start my PhD in History. I'm looking to get back into playing after warhammer after a 4 year (holy crap it's been a long time) hiatus. So I havn't played since 6th edition, but I do have the 7th book. I play mostly High Elves and have around 10,000 pts (though most of it is still in British Columbia). Hopefully I'll get it out here soon though!

I also have armies for Orcs and Goblins, Empire, and Bretonnia.


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Re: Jon from Saskatoon

Post  ScottRadom on Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:44 am

Good to have you in Saskatoon. The Warhammer scene is picking up! We also don't have an overload of High Elf players so it will be great to have another pointed ear type kicking around.

I look forward to playing you, the next league starts up right away too!

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