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weekend games

Post  Carson on Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:47 pm

Hey all,

So Bob and Kendric made the trip out to my place yesterday for some games. Lots of fun, the wife even beat up Bobs Dark Elves with her High Elves army. Very Happy

Kendric and myself had a couple of really good games. Kendric brought the high magic army to the first game and I went with only 3 dp and no scrolls...........I had a table full of low cost models and was able to soak up his magic and still get across the table. Once there even humans can beat up elves. Massacre for me. The second game he wanted to try out the ulimate Dragon......Star Dragon and prince with the starlance. While his Lord was munching on my knights and Grandmaster I wiped out the rest of his army.....and even shot the prince off the Dragon with the Huntsmen Very Happy .....then the dragon got pissed and killed the rest of my army, ended in a draw. 7str 7 attacks anyone? Both fun games!

By that time Bob's army had been neatly shuffled off the table by Lori....got to rub that in, so we then played a 2 on 1. Bob and Kendric with each a 1000pts, and me with the Imperials. Whata game! I made some big mistakes....like thinking that I could take on a Hydra with the Grandmaster and knights..it didn't go so well. After that the humans were cut down in droves by pointblank crossbow fire and some angry witches. Highlight of the game was a block of twentyfive swordsmen repeatly being charged by witches, breaking, rallying, charged again. Over three charges like this they faced 57 poisoned attacks before the last three survivors fled off the table........Khaines bloodlust was sated I figure. Total massacre for the Gonda clan.

Thanks for coming out...good times!

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