Tomb Kings Vrs. Ogers

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Tomb Kings Vrs. Ogers

Post  Kuyp on Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:52 pm

Well Andre and i had a game for the league, nothing fancy just a pitched battle.

from the start of turn one it wasn't looking good, as his lead-belechers and scrap launcher took out like half of my skeleton warriors and i still had a lot of table to cover before i could get to him. i had a group of 6 Ushabti guarding my flank to one side and 6 chariots (one being a king and another a prince) to the other. andre had like 80 Gnoblars spread out with 3 bulls a tyrant and a bruiser hidden behind them. my chariots charged the gnoblars doing something like 25 wounds, causing him to flee but unfortunately a small tomb swarm was blocking me so i couldn't charge in to the guys hiding behind the gnoblars(my plan gone a little wrong). the rest of the game was my characters running around the table helping the main contingents win combat, and some horrible rolling on Andre's part. In the end i had lost 3 chariots, more than half of my skeleton warriors, and a prince, i had 2 table quarters secure. Andre only had 3 bulls and a lone hunter left on one table quarter after finally killing my prince.

Needless to say it was a complete massacre for me.

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