Winter league standings

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Winter league standings

Post  Carson on Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:35 am

Carson, Vermin Swarms                          ...66pts, 4/1/0
Sean, Undying Dynasty's
Peter, Warriors of the Dark Gods                   ...72, 4/0/0
Nathan R, Sylvain Elves
Dom, Vampire Coven                              ...56pts, 2/1/1
Don, Beastmen
Andre, Dwarven Holds                             ...22pts, 1/2/1
Dean, Ogres                                           ...3pts, 0/1/0
Dwayne, Empire of Sonnstahl
Patrick, Saurian Ancients                                ...1pts, 0/1/0
Derek, Warriors of the Dark Gods              ...53pts, 2/2/0
Josh, Empire of Sonnstahl                       ...27pts, 1/5/0
Nathan A, Dread Elves                              ...0pts, 0/1/0

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