Spring League finals

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Spring League finals

Post  Carson on Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:42 pm

We'll this last Sunday evening the playoffs were fought out in grand style. The first round sported some horrible luck for both Eric and Scott. Killing Eric's Heirophant with a strength 2 spell sealed the fate of the tomb Kings, While Scotts General was killed early by a suicidal elf....preventing that all important waaagh!

The final game pitted Joe and his wood elfs against my orcs. What a close game, my Black Orc general dominated early taking out tree kin and wardancers only to fall in the last turn to a strangle root attack!!!!!!
The game ended with a 19 point difference in my favour. Good game Joe!

So,I was happy to take the league this season....and I'm looking forward to the kick off of the summer league on June 20.


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