9th age league rules

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9th age league rules

Post  Carson on Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:58 am

5000pt standard game size
6month leagues, 20$ entry fee

Players must sign up with an intended army.....which must be used during playoffs. Players are allowed to use any army during league play.

12 games played minimum to qualify for playoffs
points are scored using the victory point chart in the 9th age rule book with an additional 2 points per game for a fully painted army (bases included).
any points games allowed....league points modified by 2 per 1000pt difference....example 4000pt game -2 per player, 7000pt game +4 per player.
playoffs are determined by division A (top two point leaders), division B (top two in average points per game....excluding the top two point leaders).
The same army list must be used throughout the playoffs.

winner of the playoffs becomes the league champion, league entry fees are split between first and second with a 70-30 split.

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