General Painting tips and techniques

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General Painting tips and techniques

Post  ScottRadom on Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:32 pm

Hey, here's a piece of post from mhael from Jan 2/08

I am blown away by the quality of painting I have seen so far just out of the Saskatoon group. There is alot of nice stuff and I am slow to paint anything bc I am trying to learn how to do a good job, so far I can't even come close to whats out there. I hate doing things twice and would rather take my time than paint up some game ready figs in a hurry just to have them painted. By all means lets share some techniques. Are people using magnfying glasses to paint? I have a hard time making drybrushing work for me and the washes I find don't give me the results I want. Again really impressive stuff out there!

So here's my answer to the question...

-No magnifying glasses for me. I hope those days are a way down the road yet!
-Drybrushing. Drybrushing is a great catch all technique while begining and still has it's place on various mini's but as an overall rule I would suggest dropping drybrush as the automatic technique for highlighting models in general. I still suggest, and see it used by far better painters then I, on chainmail and some fur etc. but the textured look the pain leaves makes it less than ideal for painting any kind of larger surface.
-Washes. Washes are great but the typical usage of "Load the wash on and let it do the work for you" presumably by letting it pool in the recesses is another limiting technique. Lately I've found washes can be used by just putting a small amount on the brush and applying it like a regular coat of paint. Why? The washe will still add depth to the recesses of the model but also the wash will help bring together and unify the previous layers of highlights on the model. The opacity (see throughedness?) of the wash means that it's going to slightly modify each of the layers of paint with the same tint and make them look more organic. Try it!

Specifically with your Ogres I would reccomend not drybrushing the skin on your next RnF model. Try putting a basic layer of paint down. Maybe put a wash on then. Afterwards go over the model and paint every area of flesh leaving the recesses alone. Repeat about 2-3 times lightening the color of the flesh and leaving just a little of the previous layer visible. When it's all done put the wash over everything, applied sparingly with the same small amount as the layers of paint. See how that works.

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