v4: Tournament September Seconds (LWWII)

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Regina Rifles After Action Report:
Version 4 (V4): Late War Doubles Tournament
September 23rd, 2017
By Lance Mathew

With the demise of Tramp’s, our local game store and playground, we set up a tournament at the Regina Highland Curling Club. The Manager – Dave Loos – has been great to deal with and the facility is fantastic. We were able to come in the night before and set up tables – again my thanks to the FoW Regina Rifles for their assistance in both setting up and taking down; and, of course many tanks to Dave and the Highland Curling Club. And, last but not least thanks again to Battlefront for sending the prize support!

We had six teams for a total of twelve players. My partner Shawn and I had brought Late War Germans. He brought his well painted Volksgrenadier while I brought my tried and true Lehr Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie. We planned on defending but in Flames of War, especially V4, plans do not always go the way you want them to. I had done a ‘custom’ modification to the roll off with our mission selection; I had placed a “0” modifier with imnfantry, a “+1” with mechanized, and a “+2” with tank armies. Everyone seemed to like the V4 ‘hack’ and off we went.

For our first match Shawn and I faced off against the top two players in Canada for our first match – Tim and Rob. We all expected a draw going into the game as it was Fair Fight scenario and none of us were surprised when it happened. It was a great game and we all learned quite a bit about the rules for V4 – yes, even the top players can still be taught a few tricks. However, all the other games had not ended in a draw but victories and in V4 that is a huge point’s difference. On the positive note our next two games had us doing much better and the other teams not doing as well resulted in a three way tie for first place!

If you are curious how the tournament standings are please follow the link below:
If you are curious about the game or are interested in a demo please follow us on Facebook:
Alternatively please e-mail me directly at:


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