Demo: 'Nam/Tour of Duty (Vietnam)

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Demo: 'Nam/Tour of Duty (Vietnam)

Post  |marauder| on Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:38 pm

Demo: 'Nam/Tour of Duty (Vietnam)
♠ June 7th @ 1815 (615pm) - 2015 (815pm)
• Tramp's Comics & Games (1828 Scarth Street)
♥ 1,000 point World War I armies will be provided by the Flames of War Regina Rifles

Flames of War Demo – Tour of Duty/’Nam!
June 7th, 2017
By Lance Mathew

After the two back to back weekends of a tournament and then a big team game - of course it is time for a Flames of War Demo as it is the first Wednesday night of the month. Brody, my son, got the lists/armies ready as we would be in a time crunch with his class at 1730 (5:30pm) and the demo at 1815 (6:15pm) when I get off work at 1630 (4:30ish-5pm). Thanks again Brody!

So, after I dropped Brody off - I was quite early; so I set up the table and paraded the two armies. And, I waited. And, I waited. I took a few pictures and waited some more.

Eventually the waiting resulted in Chris B, an old player who has been working and traveling across North America, walked in the front door and shook my hand. He had owned a Hummel (rag tag of refit) list of Tiger IEs and some infantry that had ‘vanished’ in a move in British Columbia. Now he asked for some help assembling a Berlin list. Of course I said yes.

No sooner had Chris B left and I had sat down again when Mark from a previous demo walked in. Unfortunately, it had gotten a little late and I would soon have to pack up to go pick up Brody. I managed to discuss the pros of Tour of Duty/’Nam Era with Mark. He felt bad for arriving so late but I told him no problem as I can set up a demo any time. He said he would for sure be back for the AIW (Arab-Israeli War) Demo next month. I encouraged him that I could make myself available for any era all he had to do was let me know.

Meanwhile, you as the reader - if you would like a demo game or to challenge -> please e-mail or show up on the evening of the first Wednesday of the month at Tramp’s Comics & Games. Also, we have a large Facebook group: FoW Regina Rifles


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