Summer League -Chaos Incursion-

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Summer League -Chaos Incursion-

Post  ScottRadom on Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:52 pm

Hey all, we're going to try something new this time around. The league will function exactly the same way with ladder standings and points for games etc. What's new is that this entire league season will be themed narratively, and the first themed league will be...

Chaos Incursion!

With the new release of the demon book and the popularity of Demon armies I figured this would be a fine time to try this idea out. Each two week league period (from friday league night to the next) there will be themed scenarios tying the story and battles together. Or players will be given the option of playing pitched battle (yawn.) if the scenario looks to be really undesirable. More than that I am commiting to supplying three scenarios for each period, one for Good vs. Good games, Good vs Evil and Evil vs. Evil.

Themed scenarios will involve either special league point rewards or other types of things. I think this will be really slick, and if it doesn't work at least we will know for the future.

So... anyone out there have some thoughts regarding this? Scenario suggestions, opposition to the idea? Chatter?

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