December 5th Massacre!

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December 5th Massacre!

Post  nathanr on Sat Dec 06, 2008 12:18 am

James and I played a 1000 point game tonight and it was a dark day indeed for the dwarfs. In what could only be called a massacre, James wiped every last dwarf from the table. I had some bad luck (organ gun misfired and was destroyed without firing a shot and my general rolled a 1 on his look out sir test and died) and made some poor tactical decisions (chased a unit of spearmen all game with my ironbreakers whilst the rest of my army was wiped out). James' Hydra was the star of the game, melting many poor ironbreakers in their armour which was no match for the strength 7 breath.

I was fully painted and James was not. It was not a ladder challenge.

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