FoW: Beer, BBQ, & 'Nam

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FoW: Beer, BBQ, & 'Nam

Post  |marauder| on Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:08 am

Beer, BBQ, & ‘Nam
September, 10th 2016
By Lance Mathew

In my honest opinion the Vietnam Flames of War era is a beer and pretzels game – well it’s a theory.  What I mean by that it is the most laid back and casual game experience: the Nationalists, Việt cộng and PAVN, mostly auto respawn; in slight contrast to the Free World’s players who mostly are wounded instead of KIA. Personally, I feel the Vietnam era is more suited for a larger game experience compared to one on one games. And, to test my theory my fellow Tour of Duty players invaded Michael’s garage – by invitation of course!

Michael is the newest member of our ‘Nam group – his list is comprised of Brown Water Navy boats of which he is still getting a feel for. Jace has also now switched teams and is running an ANZAC Cavalry list of interesting M113s. Chris is still flying high with his ‘Merikan Chuppas also known as Sky Soldiers.  And, I am still slogging in da bush with my ANZAC infantry. Since we outnumbered the Nationalists we each had a 1,500 point list. Not to be outdone each of the three Nationalists had a 2,000 point lists to defeat the Capitalist dogs with. Matt rumbled forth with his Ironclad NVA list. Sean had his black pajama wearing Việt cộng  and regular forces Sappers somewhere near our wire. And, Brody assembled two full PAVN companies with as much artillery as possible.  

Michael laid out two 4 x 6 tables side by side with a two parallel tributaries connecting a main river junction which broke up the dense jungle terrain. Two small villages were located - one on the north side and the other opposite on the south side of the table. As the attackers in the scenario the Free Worlders deployed on the table moving up to search the objectives.  As par for the course the Guerrilla Forces of the NVA sprang out of ambush to cause mayhem and destruction. Matt’s Ironclad K-2s appeared along the river, Sean sprang his Việt cộng behind Jace and off Michael’s starboard side and Brody bushwhacked my ANZAC by dominating the woods in front of me. Brody also did his best to range in his batteries on to Michael’s boats and cause as much fire and confusion as possible.  

For the most part the Free World’s Players were able to weather the storm of fire but Jace had lost a Koala (aka Centurion MBT) and a few M113s – his Tour of Duty ‘luck’ had continued to follow him. The Free World’s counter attack was mostly ineffective except for Sean’s Việt cộng which took a pounding from Jace and Michael. Matt had nothing to fear from my Koala who seemed to have problems figuring out which tank to shoot at on the far bank and whiffed most of his/my rolls all day.

Michael’s Seal teams faced Sean’s Sapper patrol for control of the centre of the board. The odds were heavily in Sean’s favor in that fight so Chris and my Chuppas raced to offer support. Blasting away Chris and I thinned down the patrol and pinned the enemy down. However, Brody dropped multiple munitions on to our helos and Matt even .50 caled down a chuppa or three. The Free World’s airpower was strewn across the battlefield and a Hog was even at the bottom of a tributary.

The NVA were rapidly gaining the upper hand and continued to pour fire on their outnumbered opponents; turn after turn the NVA seemed to heading for their first win. Then disaster struck – the fickle dice gods betrayed Matt – most of Matt’s intact but simply bailed out BTR-50PKs failed their Fearless motivation check and fled leaving the North side of the table in the Free World’s hands. It was a stunning reversal of fortune and decidedly gave the Free World’s players a narrow win.

It had been a great day – awesome food, great conversation, plenty of fun dice rolling, and an awesome group of guys to hang out with! The theory had proved plausible; pretty sure we will have to test its mettle a few more times before we can mark it off as confirmed!


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