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Sean's O&G

Post  Kal on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:58 am

This is the O&G List i have made, going to have a game tomorrow night and see how they turn out.

Iron Orc Warlord
Ogre Sword
Dragon Scale Helm
Talisman of Supreme Shielding

Feral Orc Shaman
Level 2 Big Green Gods
Tomb of Arcane Lore

Cave Goblin Shaman
Level 2 Little Green Gods
Dispel Scroll
Talisman of Lesser Shielding

Great Green Idol (its a giant 100x100mm Golem)
This thing is TOughness 8 with 6 wounds, for a bsb it should stick around, with stomps, impacts, crushing attacks the works.

40 Feral Ork 'Eadbashers (big un's)
Full Command
Extra Hand Weapon
War Banner

24 Cave Goblins (goblins that live in a cave... keep up Wink )
Full Comand

12 Spider Riders
Light Lance, Short Bow, Shield, Fast Cav

12 Spider Riders
Light Lance, Short Bow, Shield, Fast Cav

10 Feral Mounted 'Eadbashers
Full Command
Extra Hand Weapon, Light Lance

1 Goblin Skewer (bolt thrower)

1 Gargantuala
Web Launcher

20 Iron Orcs
Full Command
Plate Armour
Great Weapon, Extra hand weapon, Shield.

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