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Tour of Duty!

Post  |marauder| on Thu May 19, 2016 10:52 am

May 4th, 2016
FoW Demo: First Wednesday night of Every Month
By Lance Mathew

I arrived nearly on time to the demo – Tramp’s was hot and humid the temperature was thirty-two degrees Celsius! The heat made for the right setting/mood for a Flames of War Vietnam Demo – also known as Tour of Duty!

The more I play Tour of Duty the more I like it. To me it seems a really laid back version of Flames of War. And, my personal favorite way to play Tour of Duty is with Total War with a bunch of other guys around a large table instead of mano a mano. However, our next big Total War is Operation Moked – the 6 Day War with the IDF versus their neighbors.

I had thought we would have a few extra guys show up so I asked Sean to bring his Địa Phương Quân (Local Forces) army. In the end it was just Sean and I as Michael and Chris could not make it. We are trying to get Michael into another era. Sean is sold and Sean wanted a rematch or at least a way to stop my ANZAC infantry; so we set up and rolled CONTACT!CONTACT!CONTACT! I like the mission but have played it more than any other Tour of Duty Scenario and would like to try a few of the others. However, Sean and I both knew it so it was easy to set up and play.

Sean picked his table edge to defend and I rolled up the Elephant Grass – a one! Oh-oh no cover! Bad for both of us! Normally, there is some cover over the entire table but not this time. Sean had a hard time rolling in his Guerrilla reserves and I was able to blast his sappers apart.

Eventually, Sean rolled in a Địa Phương Quân platoon/company in and I sent my chuck chuck (spotting helicopter) to get him before he had a chance to dig in on the objectives. Unfortunately, my chuck chuck thought they looked like farmers and I was unable to range in my artillery. Luckily my Light Fire team were not fooled and opened up with rockets and machine guns galore!

Sean popped his sniper which had previously killed one of my ANZAC infantry teams and almost killed my chuck chuck with him! Snipers are really dangerous in Flames of War and in my opinion even more so in Vietnam!

As the game wore on and my ANZAC took more WIA and KIA teams as I got closer and closer to the objective it was no longer clear if the Free World would win and might even result in a Nationalists’ victory we decided to call the game. Plus I was already past the demo time and now late to pick up Cupcake!

Until next time!

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