Stubborn Dwarf Hold

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Stubborn Dwarf Hold

Post  Kal on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:42 am

So i ran a similar list like this today and i think i like the MSU style of dwarves, its just alot funner then trying to line up shooting units and big un budgable blocks. Whole point of this army is try and get in my opponents face with alot of targets that can stand and shoot. Im going to use the Vanguarding Slayers and Wurm Rocket Wielding Forge Wardens to move up aggressively towards any big monsters i see. All of the characters are sporting fancy 1+ AS's except the BSB who has a 2+/4+. I've found lately keeping this BSB alive is super critical. They changed the shield wall rule from giving +1 Armour in the front to giving you a old 6+ Ward Save style parry. Anyways i've rambled enough, going to run exclusively with this list for a while get use to the army and if i like em MSU. I think the new Half Point rules make this style of list much more viable.

King With Sheildbearers
Great Weapon
Rune of Iron, Rune of the Mountain, Rune of Bronze
Rune of the Forge
(so this guy is WS 7, S 6, T 6, W4 with a 1+AS)

Thane BSB
Great Weapon
Rune of Crushing, Rune of Iron x2
Rune of Shielding

Runic Smith
Rune of Aegis, Rune of Iron x2.
Rune of Denial
Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Metal.

Runic Smith
Rune of Iron x2
Rune of Devouring
Rune of Oaths, Rune of Reckoning.

10 Clan Marksman - Crossbows, Greatweapons

10 Clan Marksman - Crossbows, Greatweapons

15 Clan Marksman - Crossbows, Shields, Champion

14 Greybeards - Shields, Throwing Weapons, Champion

14 Greybeards - Shield, Throwing Weapons, Champion

13 Deep Watch - Champion

10 Forge Warden -

10 Forge Warden - Champion with Wurm-Slayer Rocket, Banner with Vanguard Rune.

6 Seekers (Slayers) - Vanguard

6 Seekers (Slayers) - Vanguard

6 Seekers (Slayers) - Vanguard

Steam Copter - Attack Copter, Bombing Run.

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