Legion Of The Undying King('s)

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Legion Of The Undying King('s)

Post  Kal on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:25 am

First list just trying to have some fun with my WS 7 Pharaos's (Tomb Kings) and Tough 8 Sphinx's. So both skeleton fighting blocks will be weapon skill 7, the Tomb Kings themselves have a 4+/4+ Save and a 5+/4+ Save with a 2+ vs Fire for each. So hopefully they will stick around with 4 wounds a piece at Tough 5. I'm really loving the Sands lore and the new change to the lore made the Attribute so if you cast a spell the target unit or another target unit within 6" of the caster gets to raise back the dead. SOOO useful, especially with the Soul Conduit giving me 7+d3 magic dice during my turn, i can always count on getting a couple spells off. Both Sphinx's I hope to pair together with Tough 8 or to each cover a flank of my vulnerable slow skele blocks. Altho the Necro Guard put out 30 Poison, Lethal, STR 5 attacks at WS 7 and the Skeletons put out 40 STR 3 AP 1 attacks at WS 7 as well. So they arnt exactly in trouble, especially because spears give me lethal strike against anything super scary vs rank and file like chariots. I'm sure this list will get stale and demand me change it up but for now im going to run with this and get use to the changes.

Great Weapon
Talisman of Supreme Shielding

Great Weapon
Armour of Destiny
Gem of Dragonfire

Death Cult Hierarch
Lvl 4 Sands
Grounding Rod
Soul Conduit

Death Cult Acolyte
Lvl 2 Sands
Dispel Scroll

50 Skeletons - Full command, War Standard, Spears.

20 Skeleton Archers - Champion

19 Skeleton Archers - Champion

5 Skeleton Cavalry

29 Necropolis Guard - Champion, Banner, Halberd.

Battle Sphinx - Breath Weapon, 4+ AS Upgrade

Dread Sphinx - 4+ AS Upgrade

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