Raped by a Stash!

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Raped by a Stash!

Post  ScottRadom on Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:14 pm

Stash Massacred me tonight. I thought I had a fighting chance of taking down his Blood thirster with a mass combo attack, including my Lord on a Wyvern but turns out one should NOT fight a bloodthirster and instead magic/shoot them. There's a championship tip for you young up and comers!

8-3 For Stash who was NOT fully painted. or assembled. DISRESPECTING the game!

Oh, hadn't checked if it was a ladder game or not. Let me just open another tab here and check.

Hang on a minute....

So, how you guys doin'... Oh, here we go... It was a ladder game so 9-4 for stash and he gets to be #2 now.

A BIG pile of #2!

P.S. #2 means poop.

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Re: Raped by a Stash!

Post  Carson on Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:06 pm

I'll get at ere!

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