9th game reports

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9th game reports

Post  Mhael on Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:38 am

Don and i faced off 2400 pts of dwarfs against ogres. Lesson one (which i knew) only roll 3 dice on bound spells. Turn one i miscast my anvil and lost a hex damage spell i really would have liked.
Dom put 2 giants on my flank with a unit of tribesmen 2 units of bruisers in the middle and 2 units of bombardiers on the other flank.
I had clanmarksmen lined up against giants with an organ gun close by. A block of greybeards and ironguard split by a cannon in the middle and my anvil on the other side. Also steamcoptors behind clanmarksmen.
Dom slowly closed flanks with me foing little shooting damage. When his giant tried to sneak by my greybeards i flank charged and killed it overrunning into 2nd giant. This set Dom up for a rear charge on me which would have been fine but his giant bawled i got no attacks and ended fleeing through giant and being caught.
Then Doms kineaters arrived behind my warmachines and neither shooting or magic got rid of them so down they went regardless of my coptors coming to help out.
My ironguard turned and destroyed a unit of bombardiers but in their way back a gorger held them up one turn and in my last phase i failed a charge on Doms generals unit.
Mucho pts for Dom 1500 to 683. Still it was a fun game.

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