Dark elves for sale---$300

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Dark elves for sale---$300

Post  Lord_Stash on Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:28 am

Well with the cult of Slaanesh phased out I have some dark elves for sale/trade For what is painted in this army is metalic pastel colour, but mostly is white promer or bare metal.

2 units of 20 Warriors with spears, full command mostly painted (all bits still available including unpainted shields
8 (maybe 10) Warriors still on the sprue.
new $120 asking $95

18-20 witch elves -primed white, painted slightly
new $120 asking $90

9 shades scouts unassembled
New $60 Asking $45

2 sorceresses mostly painted
New $25 Asking $15

2 bolt throwers somewhat painted
New $70 Asking $55

Total asking $300


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