2500 Point Bretonnians

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2500 Point Bretonnians

Post  nathanr on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:45 am

Here's the list I'm toying with for the tourney in June:

Duke Timothy LeGrum - Bretonnian Lord
- Bitey (Hippogriff)
- Virtue of Heroism (Heroic Killing Blow)
- Heartwood Lance (Re-roll failed wounds)
- Armour of Agilulf (Weapon Skill 10)

The Damsel Sophia - Level 2 Damsel, Lore of Beasts
- Barded Warhorse
- Dispel Scroll

Ser Chadwick Snootier - Paladin of Bretonnia
- Royal Pegasus
- Virtue of the Ideal (+2 WS, +1 I, +1A, Friendly units within 6" are -1 Ld)
- Enchanted Shield
- Lance

Ser Norman - Paladin of Bretonnia
- Barded Warhorse
- Battle Standard
- Dragon Helm (+1 AS, 2+ Ward vs flaming attacks)
- Ogre Sword (+2 Strength)

10 Knights of the Realm, Full command, War banner
12 Knights Errant, Full command, Errantry Banner (+1 Strength on the charge, -2 Ld on impetuous tests)
12 Knights Errant, Full command, Banner of Chalons (No stand and shoot allowed against this unit)
4 Pegasus knights, Champion
9 Grail Knights, Full command
2 Field Trebuchets

I'm a bit light on magic but with non-end times lists I'm limited to just 25% Lords so if I want a hippogriff I don't think I can afford a lord-level caster. I like the 2 Knights Errant units because they give me a decent punch on a budget. The Knights of the Realm provide a more trustworthy bunker for the BSB and Damsel and the Grail Knights will line up opposite whatever I want to destroy first. The field trebuchets are a must-have as they tend to soften up the enemy units quite well before the knights hit home. I've got multiple flying threats, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Pegasus-riding paladin is boosted to lord-level stats by the virtue of the ideal, that same virtue makes it easy to send him out alone to fight whatever I want him to fight without worrying too much if he dies. By mounting the lord on a hippogriff it gives him the mobility he needs to be able to get his HKB where I want it. It also makes him a huge fragile target but such is the life of a Bretonnian Lord. His honour and pride will not allow him to hide within his lessers. Instead he soars to battle atop his trusty (if a bit ill-tempered) steed as the tip of the lance, a shining example of bravery for his subjects.

It's not a great Bretonnian list by any stretch of the imagination but I think it'll be fun to play with and against. Let me know if you think differently.


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Re: 2500 Point Bretonnians

Post  squalie on Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:13 pm

I love it.

It broke my heart to sell my almost bretonnians, but I just had a weird feeling about what's going to happen to the army.

I sure hope 9th treats them well in some fashion.


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Re: 2500 Point Bretonnians

Post  Carson on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:48 pm

good to see the brets getting some love. I think ser chadwick will catch a few people off guard.

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Re: 2500 Point Bretonnians

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