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Post  epengr on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:52 pm

Raising funds (and clearing shelf space) for FoW and Star Wars: Armada

Prices are a starting point, I'm open to reasonable offers.  I can be very reasonable if you're taking a few.

Inferno (Global games) $20
Arkham Horror (With The King in yellow expansion) $80
Mansions fo Madness $60

Zombicide - Toxic City Mall Expansion (unplayed) $60
Zombicide Prison Outbreak (unplayed) $80
Zombiecide Dog Companions Expansion $15

Settlers of Catan - The Card game $20
jab - real time boxing $20

Munchkin Quest $40
Castle Ravenloft (Partially painted) $60
Battle of Westeros $60

Hera and Zeus $40
King's Gate $20

Older Games:
Renegade Legion Interceptor $40
Air Superiority $20
Captain's Ed. Harpoon $20
Captian's Ed. Star Fleet Battles (many expansions - inquire if interested)
Liftoff! $40
Stellar Conquest $40
Supremacy Ver 3.0 $40
Asimov's Star Traders $40
Kingmaker $40

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