Thoughts on Daemons

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Thoughts on Daemons

Post  Galadros on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:28 pm

Admittedly, I'm a bit late to the party on this topic, but a bit of background will explain why...
Since playing in the Alberta GT last August, I decided to play every event through this current season with a different army. I have 7 painteed armies, so I thought this would just be enough. Turns out it wasn't. So, this past weekend, I borrowed a Tzeentch/Slaanesh army to play for the first time.
Although at first the army book seems restrictive because all you have to choose from in core are the bog standards infantry, it actually turns out some broad selections in the special category that more than make up for it. I was able to choose from a number of different play styles, eventually settling on a multiple small unit, highly mobile, harrassing force. Of course, I could have gone the complete opposite by taking the immovable wall of Nurgle.
Getting on to game play, I initially resented the fact that I must randomly determine gifts for my heroes. Throughout 5 games, it worked out how I would have liked twice. The choice of heroes is weak as well. I also had lots of magic preamble by virtue of have 3 horror units and 2 other wizards. Throughout the game, there were all sorts of extras to remember. Reign of Chaos table, regrowing deamons units from magic casualties, Warpflame rule on enemies, etc. It wasn't until the third game that I felt I had it down consistently. Consequently, I played very close to time limit in 4 of my 5 games. I am normally a quick player, so this is notable for me.
This random aspect is a double-edged sword, in a way. You have little control over several aspects of your game. Things can be horrible for you at times, while other moments are beyond expectation. Having a new unit pop up on the battlefield in one game, while hammering my existing units in another moment.

I would conclude in the end that the daemons are quite a fun army, but not in a tournament atmosphere. Due to time constraints and conveying the aspects of randomness to an unfamiliar opponent are too much challenge. (I began to refer to the daemon army book as 'The Nonsense Manual' at one point). Conversely, I think they would be a wonderful army to play in casual games, because every game will feel different, even if playing the same list against the same opponent.

What are your thoughts and experiences, Ravening Horders?

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Re: Thoughts on Daemons

Post  squalie on Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:13 pm

Daemons were my first full army (Nurgle) and I've played them on and off pretty much ever since. I sold them when they were complained about in 7th, started them in 8th and then sold them recently When Carson complained about them.  Wink  I'm back in the Daemon saddle again as I've turned my Warriors into Slaanesh Daemons. Reason: went to a gamesday for the Regina league. 6 guys in a room and 4 were Warriors players, one was a Slaanesh army. Sigh.

So, in 8th when the book came out I was crazy excited - until I read and thought about the Reign of Chaos chart. Rage towards Mat Ward was significant. I mellowed out after a bit and played the army. I really didn't change my view as I found the chart "tacked on" and simply not well thought out. After awhile in the games I played I really didn't see it affecting the game too much, but I'll certainly admit that it could be epic - and have read about these kinds of moments. (Mage Lords being taken off the table because of a single roll on a chart).

I'll agree with Kieran and what he wrote about crappy Heralds (overpriced locus abilities, terrible saves, etc) but noticed for me that the table didn't take as long as I thought (although, again, it could). The gift rolling is kind of a pain, but after awhile, you pretty much "know" what you'll get/take and just move on. Daemons still have an army wide 5++ and there's no one in the world that can say that's not handy, and they builds are almost endless if you just want to have fun with the army.

It is a very, very different army to play and it's not for everyone. As a matter af fact, it's not for most. It's staggering how Mat ward can be all over the map and how poor he did with daemons and then does such a good job on WoodElves for example.

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