High elves List

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High elves List

Post  Kuyp on Wed May 14, 2014 10:39 am

Hey players with the high elf book or army builder, what can i make with the following models available

bolt thrower
bolt thrower
21 sword masters (command)
32 spear men (command)
9 dragon princes (command)
24 sliver helms (2 sets of command)
24 archers (command)
wizard on foot
dude on foot
lady on foot
dude on horse
6 shadow warriors

i also have a tiranoc chariot
guy on stormwing ?
And I could try and fix/ assemble a phoenix

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Re: High elves List

Post  nathanr on Wed May 14, 2014 11:16 am

Here's what I came up with, it is similar to my list actually.

Archmage with book of hoeth and 4+ ward save - 320
Noble mounted on a barded elven steed with the battle standard, lance and armour of caledor - 166

30 spearmen, full command - 300
24 archers, musician & standard - 260
15 silverhelms with shields, full command - 375

21 swordmasters, full command - 303
9 dragon princes, full command - 291

Bolt thrower - 70
Bolt thrower - 70
Frost Phoenix - 240

That leaves you with 105 points. For that you can take 7 shadow warriors or add some magic banners to your spearmen, swordmasters and/or dragon princes, or 2 eagles - one with armour piercing.

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