Game with my brother

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Game with my brother

Post  nathanr on Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:08 am

My brother is in town visiting and we managed to play a game last night. Me with my dark elves against him with the paladin-heavy bretonnians. Things started out great for me, I blitzkrieged up his flanks with my fast cavalry and silenced his trebuchets and bowmen very early on. Elsewhere my other dark riders enticed his knights errant to attempt a charge, drawing them out of the line and into a position where they could be dual charged by my cold one knights. They were slaughtered to a man. Then the knights hit home, bolstered by a boosted savage beast of horros spell, they tore through my cold one knights leaving me reeling. I tried to counter by sending in two cold one chariots against one unit but the lady had truly blessed those knights as 14 impact hits were mostly shrugged off. The game ended with my dark riders and warlocks loosely encircling the remaining knights and shooting from afar, managing to pick off the final wound from his general. When we added up the points he won by a narrow margin. The heavy armour and superior magic gave the men of bretonnia a slight edge.

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