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H: High Elves W:$$

Post  kosh42 on Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:44 pm

Hello People,
I have another army up for sale.  Most of these figs are about 10 years old.  I am not looking at breaking up this lot, I want to sell all of them at the same time.  All the various bits are there.  Most of the figs are assembled and primed, some are painted.  Here is the list:

30 archers with command
2 bolt throwers
16 silver helms with command
6 scouts
21 swordmasters with command
9 dragonknights with command
20 spearmen with command
20 spearmen partially assembled
1 tyrion on horse - partially assembled
1 tyrion on hippogriff(really old fig) - painted
1 chariot painted
1 mage on foot

I am looking for $100 OBO for the lot.

Here is a picture of the lot:



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