winter war in calgary

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winter war in calgary

Post  Galadros on Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:28 pm

For those of you that want another road trip, check this one. When I registered this morning, it was at14/24 participants. Act soon if you wish to go. It has a unique composition and scoring system that you should look at here...


This tourney will be a bit smaller then the rest, not in size (though it will) but in battles, both systems will deature a points level that is smaller then what we are used to, hopefully this will present a greater challenge for the players!

We are of course part of the premiere events in the GT circuit meaning if you come in first you will get your automatic invite to the GT in August!.


The Sentry Box, 403-245-2121


November 30th Warhammer 40K
December 1st Warhammer Fantasy


All fees must be paid at the times of registration and at or through the Sentry Box, They will take payemnt over the phone via credit card, cash and all other manner in person and finally you can call them about Paypal .

$25 for 3 games, $26 over the phone


1250 40K
1500 Fantasy

Please read package throughout as their are some restrictions


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