Running end of month touranment?`

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Running end of month touranment?`

Post  BeholdTheSuffering on Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:10 pm

Hello, just a quick question. The hero's gambit page seems to have disappeared and I can't see anything on the board about the end of October tournament you guys usually run. If this was canceled or the date changed can you give me some info or paste a link, as I was dusting off my elves in anticipation of whooping some Saskatoonian ass.

From done here in Regina,


p.s. Other people here want to come too...


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Re: Running end of month touranment?`

Post  ScottRadom on Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:55 pm

The Hero's Gabit is dead and buried. Thanks for your interst and we're currently working on a different apporach to a tournament for late feb-ish next year.

Why did it die? It is with great pride that I say the Hero's Gambit was financially succesful every year. It's not for lack of money we shut down.

Two major factors for myself and the others I am close to really motivated us to shut it down.

First, volunteers. Now that it's defunct I have no shortage of people stepping forward and saying "I would've done (x) if I was asked". We did try and recruit volunteers but anytime you have to ask people to step up and take some responsibility you get what you pay for, and the years we tried our hardest to recruit people were our sloppiest and worst run events. We needed the kind of people who were passionate enough to come aboard with a mindset of doing what needed to be done, and helping to make our con succesful on their terms.

Second, motivation. I can tell you I absolutely with a passion have zero tolerance for whining and bitching from people who won't lift a finger (see above). "My DM sucked, prizes were too small, not enough events" etc really, really got grating to me. People I think are a little naive when it comes to just HOW much work goes into running an annual event like that, and we each had to ask ourselves "Is it worth it?". For me the answer became a big resounding no.

Now I get to pick on the warhammer players here locally (Yes you guys!). We have seen the population of our club thin a little bit, but between us and the 40k club we should have easily been able to count on 20 people LOCALLY attending our tournies. I'll never forget the one year we had 20 fantasy players (That's our high water mark, and it's not bad!) and there were about 8 locals. Dissappointing. The EXCUSES I used to hear like I slept in, too much money etc. just did not make me feel like continuing.

But, onward and Upward. Carson has done a great job of putting on "Death or Glory" each year for the past 4 years. It usually gets won by a very handsome man too! I plan on doing more events similar to this sunday's mega battle in the near future, as well as campaign weekends etc.

So Warhammer is alive and kicking in Saskatoon, just don't bother going to Albert Hall in October.


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Re: Running end of month touranment?`

Post  Kallidon on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:01 pm

Ditto for 40K, although I believe Jody's already part of our forum over there. You'll have to tell him to drop in more often.



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Re: Running end of month touranment?`

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