Onslaught list

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Onslaught list

Post  Freezingoon on Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:50 pm

Slann, General

Shield, light armour, stegadon helm, dawnstone, sword of might

Scar vet, bsb
Light armour, shield, dragon helm

Skink priest
Dispel scroll

Saurus spears x25
Full command

Skink cohort x24
Banner, 3kroxigor

Skink cohort x24
Banner, 3 kroxigor

Ripperdactyls x4

Engine of the gods
Sharpened horns



Well thats about it, the slann will take high magic and swap out spells as needed. The priest is going with beasts, probably taking wildform. I think I might want to change out some gear on the old blood so I can take becalming on the slann to re roll failed dispels. Ive also been thinking about trading the salamanders or rippers for a small unit of cold ones so I can mount up my saurus characters.


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