Selling Lizardmen

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Selling Lizardmen

Post  Galadros on Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:51 pm

Although I am in Edmonton, this might be doable for you fellows in and around Saskatoon.

Selling this on behalf of a friend. $350 for the lot. Below is the list of stuff. Almost all models are out of the box, and most built but unprimed. I have it all in my possession, so get in touch if interested. To clarify what is here and display the state of the models, follow this pictorial display... ... KFmmjTc6sw

1x Slann
1x Kroq-Gar on carnosaur (metal)
1x Scar Vet hw/sh
1x Old Blood w/ cold one hw/sh
1x skink priest w/feather cloak
1x skink priest w/dagger
3x salamanders
1x Stegadon plastic
1x Stegadon metal
20x Temple Guard
5x Kroxigor (metal)
4x Jungle Swarm
8x Cold One Riders new style
5x Cold One Riders old style
3x Terradons metal
50x Saurus
6x chameleon skinks
40x Skinks

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