Jordan Gonda of Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

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Jordan Gonda of Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

Post  jordan the great on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:43 pm

Hi my name is jordan gonda, as said above. I have been apart of this legue for a while off and on, but i just recently join this forum. The armies that i have played are Lizardmen, Dwarves and Tomb Kings. Currently I play tombe kings

I am currently going to the University of Saskatchewan going for my bachelors of engineering degree. So far I am in just my first year. I also take karate and am currently a black belt, so DONT MESS WITH JORDAN THE GREAT. No, but really i am a nice guy.

I think this is a decent introduction since most of you already know me. For any of you who don't, there is a more thorough description on face book.
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