Multiplayer battle ideas for Frag Con

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Multiplayer battle ideas for Frag Con

Post  Ddodge on Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:30 pm

Hi, I'm organizing the Frag Con mega battle for the friday night of that event. Don is taking th elead on the saturday tournamen tevent. I know you guys haev doena variety of multiplayer battles and I wanted your collective advice. I've played in a few multiplayer battles but wanted to get some feedback and ideas from each of you.

I think we may have up to four tables linked with armies from either side coming in from multiple sides/flanks. The tables won't necesarily be in a big long line. There will be a castle/town under siegs, small forts, bridges, qwizards towers, and monuments on the other tables to be claimed. Each will ahev some sort of in game effect (extra re-roll, increase raneg of spells, etc) or overall victory condition points.

1. I want to avoid people ony playing the person directly across from them. If I can stagger deployment zones so that people are encouraged to be across from a few potential opponents I'll do that. Also- having multiple objectives that effect the game in play and the final victory conditions so people can go for less obvious ways of winning not just crushing the dude across from them.

2. People rushing off ahead of their teammates out of turn sequence. Having each side select one player to be their general- they keep them all on the same phase, control any special dice, have the final say in disputes on theirr side. And keep their team all on the same phase.

3. Over or under powerd magic phases.- Having 3d6 power dice to share amongst each "table" of casters. 2d6 for dispells. Having spells with unlimited range actually have a range of 60" so you can't cast something from 5 metres away.
4. People feeling that if they come late they can't play.- having reinforcement or rescuer entry points along the sides so people can enter after the game has started.
5. People with different size armies not knowing if they take part. If there is an imbalance in evil vs good for every 500 points of difference the smaller side gets a reroll of any dice once pergame.
6. [i]New people with no armeis not being able to take part. [i]Having a number of players being receptive to allowing a new recruit to take over command of a unit or two of their army. Having the quick reference play sheet available for everyone.

Thoughts on these or other things which will lead to a successful game?


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Re: Multiplayer battle ideas for Frag Con

Post  Carson on Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:36 pm

Those are generally the ideas that we have followed. Limiting deployment area is another way to stop players from only playing the opponent across from them.

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